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BREAKING NEWS: A Special Announcement

I have a fun announcement.

I wanted to do something that we could all participate in together and have fun while reading. As great as buddy reading is it’s hard for me to do LOL I get stressed I’m reading to slow and then end up reading the whole thing too quick. There is no in-between.

I wanted it to be accessible and easy for everyone.

The Bingo Card.

This isn’t exactly revolutionary but I like it & it works for what I wanted.

You have all month to check things off. This will be monthly, and they’ll be tailored to the month & around read-a-thons and the like. You can participate every month or every other month.

One Rule: One book counts for 3 squares. 

I just want all of our TBR piles to shrink lol

And that’s it. I really hope you participate no hard feelings if you don’t.

If you run a readathon or a reading challenge & would like me to spotlight it let me know in the comments.

January’s Spotlight is:

“Just Read” an Audiobook Readathon

 This is a reading and Dyslexia Awareness Program to support all modes of reading.

This program wants to highlight the importance audiobooks have in the community. It promotes listening to books while raising money to support the programs of Dreaming Dyslexic.

They also include recommendations to books & characters with dyslexia

To learn more about this program & participate click -> Dreaming Dyslexic

And here it is

Please share this on your Blog, Instagram, or Twitter all I ask is you link back to this post.

Use the hashtag #BiblioBingo

I hope you participate and it helps cull down that massive pile of unread books for you. Tag me if you do I really want to see them 🙂

Will you be joining me? What readathons or reading challenges do you participate in?

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34 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: A Special Announcement”

  1. This looks Super Fun Alicia!! 😀
    I’ll try and participate and see how well I do…but I have a lot of scheduled posts out so I can’t say for sure…
    I’ll spread the word about it on my blog though 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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