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Crafting with the Rainbow episode 2

Spring is here & it’s a yellow wonderland of haze. I love spring but hate pollen. However, I have to tolerate it which is worth it because beautiful flowers! With the blooming of the flowers comes birds specifically Hummingbirds. I adore these colorful little birbs!

Here’s one from my backyard:

The reason I’m talking about Hummingbirds is because I found this cool mandala and I had to make it.

Mandala’s are fun layers that create an image or a scene. I found this SVG template over at Jennifer Maker She has a plethora of materials to help start any project. She has videos and written steps to help aid in the process.

This is probably my 10th one I’ve made lol I like giving them as little presents. I’ve also been commissioned to make some. I either string them or turn them into magnets. Or I do both depending on the recipients request. There are five layers but it’s not necessary to make all of them it just adds depth. You can get away with only four or three layers by the type of paper you use. Glitter, Holographic, Shimmer all add fun textures and colors.

This is another case of it would be best to have a machine cut this for you as this has a ton of little sections.

This particular one is actually made from pieces that I couldn’t give away because quality is not 100%. So if you see any flaws, no you don’t lol It’s not that bad but enough that I wouldn’t want to give it t someone but I hate to let them go to waste.

I have an obsession with holographic paper it is so much fun! It’s like a kaleidoscope whenever the light catches it. It seems only fitting that I include that kind of paper into this design since these little creatures can be very colorful.

These make great little treats to include in a bouquet of flowers or with a card. & Mother’s day here in the U.S. is coming up.

I have a video up on my Instagram that shows off the way the light catches and changes the colors! @PastelGreetings I tend to post there first and you can get behind the scenes photos and tidbits.

What do you enjoy about spring?

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Butterfly Shadow Box || Crafter

Welcome to the first post in the Crafting with the Rainbow portion of the blog. When I originally created this blog I wanted to incorporate my love for both reading and crafting. I’ve definitely shared my love of books but I’ve neglected the crafts side of things.

I think there will always be disproportionately more reading posts than crafting posts. So, if you’re only here for the book content stick around because the next post will be for you. To find out how I made this Butterfly Shadow Box read on.

There are so many variations and ways to make a shadow box. These make great wall decorations or bookshelf décor. These are so versatile you can do what I did and put lights in the inside.

As much as I like creating my own designs sometimes it’s nice to take the hassle out of it and just buy one. Especially since this design is better than anything I could ever come up with. The template I bought from Light Box Good Man They have a ton of designs.

I love this design!

These are easy to cut if you have a machine to do that for you. I’m not sure these would make for easy cutting with just a pair of scissors or exacto knife.

I also made the frame, there are plenty of places that sell templates of the frame but I just made mine to fit this.

I used a combination of matte, glossy, and shimmer cardstock. I wanted it to match my library so I used a bunch of different hues of blue.

And that’s really all there is to this. If you have any questions let me know in the comments.   

Do you enjoy crafting? What was the last thing you made?