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End of 2020 Superlatives

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  • Fill out each of the prompts with your answer. Each character/book you choose has to be one you read in 2020.
  • Tag as many or few people as you want, but preferably somewhere around 10.
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Best Villain

Small Spaces (Small Spaces, #1)

Small Spaces by Katherine Arden,

Even though this series is directed towards a younger audience the villain in this series is not a one dimensional or mustache twirling cartoon which is refreshing to say the least. However, the dangers posed to the kids are very much real scary stuff that as children many of us have had. I say us but I mean me lol

Dead Voices (Small Spaces, #2)

Best Main Character

Rogue Protocol (The Murderbot Diaries, #3)

Murderbot Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells

The third novella in the series. I had to go with the very relatable just wants to watch their stories and be left in peace away from people. Murderbot is the name they’ve given themselves. They don’t want to acknowledge their feelings but still do the best that they can even if it means they get shot. It’s a pain to find a good place to get repaired in space.  

Best Side Character

Foundryside (The Founders Trilogy #1)

Clef  from Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett ,

Clef is a talking …key. He is so funny and wonderful but full of secrets even from himself. He is more than just a magical tool in this world. I don’t know what to tell you but if you can give a personality to a key I’m going to love it.

Tough Luck

A character that you’re glad you aren’t
Catherine House

Ines from Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas

This is mostly due to the fact that I just don’t have fond feelings towards the character. She was forgettable and spent most the story high or drunk. This is not a state I like to be in. It was like that time in high school when they made us wear these goggles to show what the affects of drinking and driving was like. This book is those googles.

Best Place to Raise a Family

A setting (preferably not in our world) that you wouldn’t mind settling down in
The Tea Dragon Society (Tea Dragon, #1)
The Tea Dragon Festival (Tea Dragon, #2)
The Tea Dragon Tapestry (Tea Dragon, #3)

Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill This world is so stinkin’ cute!! Part of the reason is the dragons but the other is the community. It’s so diverse and teeming with so much love. They remind me of Studio Ghibli. I really wished this was animated because it’s messaging is much needed.   


A setting you would never want to live in
The Lottery

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson,

You could argue that we do live in this type of society but I don’t want to live in it and I actively fight against it. This is a very short story that delivers a very clear message. Doing things because they’re ‘tradition’ without examining where this originates and the whys behind it can mean generations suffer while others look on and participate.

Most Likely to Succeed

An indie or under hyped book that everyone would like it they just tried it
A Spark of White Fire (The Celestial Trilogy, #1)

A Spark of White Fire by Sangu Mandanna  or When the Tiger came down the Mountain by Nghi Vo,

I talk about the former a ton because I just adore & enjoyed it so much! It gets no recognition and that is unacceptable.  The latter is a sequel in an ongoing series of short stories, if you like stories within stories that have remarkable characters and an interesting world, I can’t recommend this series enough. 

When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain (The Singing Hills Cycle, #2)

Life of the Party

A book that kept you laughing and having a good time
Take a Hint, Dani Brown (The Brown Sisters, #2)

Take a Hint Dani Brown  by Talia Hibbert  

I said in a previous post that I don’t typically read romance and that this book thawed my frozen dead heart I wasn’t exaggerating. I wasn’t laughing the entire time but I enjoyed the hell out of this book the entire time. I appreciate everything it gave us and I look forward to the next in the series.

Most Unforgettable

A book you couldn’t forget if you tried
Monday's Not Coming

Monday’s not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson ,

I don’t want to forget this story but I couldn’t if I tried. The love and devotion in this story is so beautiful and heartbreaking. I just want to wrap Claudia up in a big warm hug.

Most Unique

A book unlike anything you’ve read before
The Tea Master and the Detective (The Universe of Xuya)

The Tea Master & the Detective by Aliette de Bodard,

A ship that is in the business of making and distributing tea crosses paths with someone looking to go to an area in space that many won’t traverse. I have never read a story like this before and I absolutely adored it. This is a very short novella but it was compelling and chalk full of interesting characters.  

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